CTU's Faculty of Mechanical Engineering video

Double no: No, I didn't forget about the next part of a typography article and No, I didn't lie claiming it will take a while... And while a while continues, here is a piece of recent work I accomplished with the guys at DPOST Prague.

Czech Technical University 150th Anniversary from DPOST Prague on Vimeo.

Aside from wearing both Director's and Art-Director's hats, I've spent quite some time with hands on material here, taking the 3D work into Houdini to design the cubes effects, animate and render.

Probably the only 3D parts of the spot, which are not mine are the inner models like engines and stuff, modeled by Victor Tretyakov or provided by the client and generous Public Domain. We share compositing credits with Denis Kosar, who has been producing the job and multitasking as well. And by no means I am forgetting Marek Duda, who helped with fitting the edit together. Music by Lukas Turza.

We took a good portion of look development into compositing which can be clearly seen from this little making-of-quad:

Czech Technical University - making of from DPOST Prague on Vimeo.


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