Parametric Art Systems

Parametric Art Systems from Denis Kozlov on Vimeo.

The video spans about a decade of work and much more of research. Below I’ve gathered some links providing additional details, examples and explanations.

More videos: - Procedural Aircraft Design Toolkit - Procedural Creature Generator

The key article covering my vision, process and approach. I’ve notably advanced in each since the time of writing, but still find it largely relevant:

A general overview of the technology involved (at the time of writing my primary 3D tool being Houdini). No prior knowledge required:

The initial 2015 essay noticed by ACM SIGGRAPH:

While the above links mostly focus on 3D part of the work, below is my secret weapon often and easily overlooked: batch image processing (typically with compositing tools like Nuke or Fusion)

The basic principles:

And examples of more advanced techniques:

Hope you enjoy!