The Working Man

There is a part of me which I like to call an artist. For now it mostly exhibits itself through a bunch of projects which are choosing to stay under development for an uncertain period of time and some older (quite a bit) imagery which I used to believe in, like this

I made these and some other past works available as prints while still working on shaping my current stuff, yet to be presented.

And all at the same time there is another part of mine, which actively produces imagery on a daily basis and even provides its physical envelope some food and other goods through it. It goes to work, creates stock footage, permanently researches and practices in a pursuit of perfecting the craft. It is this part which accumulated enough knowledge or experience to dare to speak out and expect to be of a certain use. This is its blog. I call it The Working Man.

P.S.: And yes, among other things in music, I do like Rush.

Hello World...

When I started doing computer graphics in 1998 I was all fascinated by the idea of a CG artist being a type of a renaissance person – having and requiring interest in extremely diverse areas of both science and art, art and science – just both. I was avidly looking for any source of skill, knowledge or understanding – being a human, a text or an image. Having lived and worked in Novosibirsk (nice city, but not the world's center in CGI) with Internet not as almighty as it seems to be these days I couldn't get much, but somehow already had a vision of how this knowledge should look – all-round and systematic.

And when I say “CG artist” I mean “Generalist”, and when I say “Generalist” I mean a person passionate about creating images – by all means available.

Now, having become a modestly decent visual effects artist and occasional supervisor at a cozy European studio, I still like thinking of myself as a CG generalist and still stay captivated by the idea of learning the surrounding Universum through digital graphics. It amazes me how easy it is these days to have access to all possible knowledge in such different fields as physics, biology, literature, typography, film-making to name a few. And to be improving as an artist through it. If one would just care.

One thing I convinced myself about is that I’ve already gathered enough data to help someone taken the same path – being a digital artist these days. It is a bunch of links, notes, observations and book references. That stuff should seem awkward from time to time, so I’d be trying to explain its value along the way, hoping it will be useful to you, Dear Reader, in one way or another. And quite a lot of the stuff is by no means restricted to a digital world – it’s just that CG seems to be a quintessence of the aforementioned renaissance feeling. I also do hope to be organizing those shreds with some progressively growing system of labels/catalogs – but before there is something to organize – let it be mess.

I'm lazy as a full pig, so do not expect too regular posts – let's just see what happens. Although chances are there will be an attempt for a weekly rhythm, like with my other project

I'm also intended to be posting some occasional works of mine here – sorry:)