The Working Man

There is a part of me which I like to call an artist. For now it mostly exhibits itself through a bunch of projects which are choosing to stay under development for an uncertain period of time and some older (quite a bit) imagery which I used to believe in, like this

I made these and some other past works available as prints while still working on shaping my current stuff, yet to be presented.

And all at the same time there is another part of mine, which actively produces imagery on a daily basis and even provides its physical envelope some food and other goods through it. It goes to work, creates stock footage, permanently researches and practices in a pursuit of perfecting the craft. It is this part which accumulated enough knowledge or experience to dare to speak out and expect to be of a certain use. This is its blog. I call it The Working Man.

P.S.: And yes, among other things in music, I do like Rush.

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