Project Tundra

Project Tundra 01
01. Tundra

Since I find it very cool to call everything a project, here goes “Project Tundra” with some anagrams. Pretty much all visual elements (except for a couple of bump textures) are completely synthetic and generated procedurally with Houdini and Fusion. So almost no reality was sampled during the production of the series. Some clouds from these setups were used. 

The originals are about 6K in resolution. I'm a bit split between the desire to write that prints will follow shortly, and the desire not to lie. Let's say they will follow for sure if you're patient enough to follow the slowly revolving pace of this blog or some other social media I pretend to participate in.

Project Tundra 02 - Dun Art
02. Dun Art
Project Tundra 03 - Durant
03. Durant

Project Tundra 04 - Rat Dun
04. Rat Dun

Project Tundra 05 - Dauntr'
05. Dauntr'

Project Tundra 06 - Da Turn
06. Da Turn

Project Tundra - Details
And a bit of details' flavor.

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